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We do not accept out of area registrations.

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Existing Patients 

We recognise that some of our currently registered patients would like to remain registered with us due to familiarity and for continuity in their care. This may be possible when you move out of our catchment area, however, the Out Of Area (OOA) registration rules will apply.

To be accepted as an OOA patient, you must live outside our catchment area but within a London Borough address, if you live outside of a London Borough, unfortunately we cannot accept your registration or keep you registered as a patients.

OOA registration offers patients all the services usually associated with registration, with two exceptions: Home visits and urgent treatment. If an OOA registered patient is unwell and needs to be seen, whatever the time of day or night, they should call 111 (urgent) or 999 (emergency) and get the care they needed.

There are some patients who are not suitable for OOA registration. These include any one who is likely to need care from a specialist team who are geographically located according to their home, not their GP address.

This includes (but not limited to) patients / services in the following services:

  • Pregnant women/ Antenatal services
  • Families with children under the age of 6 years old (updated 18/06/2021
  • Patients with serious mental health problems/ Community Mental Health Teams
  • Patients with Adult Safeguarding needs/ Adult Social Care
  • Patients with complex community-based packages of care/ Adult Social Care

These groups cannot be registered as OOA because they will need more regular local care services. It is difficult and impractical for GPs to coordinate such care remotely with services, with which they do not already have strong professional working relationships.

The Practice has the right to not register anyone in the above categories. If you are registered OOA with the practice and then enter one of these categories, then you may be asked to register elsewhere. The decision is based on clinical and practical safety.

Please note that registering as an OOA patient you may sometimes need a referral to a particular service. Sometimes there are restrictions to how and where we can refer you as some referrals are based on your address. We are limited when it comes to referrals beyond our local area. So, there may be times a referral will be rejected simply based on your home address which is out of our control. If you are seeking a referral, it may be better to join a GP practice closer to home to avoid any possible delays to any treatment (including urgent treatment, such as urgent suspected cancer referrals).

If you do decide to register with another practice, then all your previous health records will be sent to your new GP.

What do I do to register as an Out-of-Area Patient?

Existing Patients 

You MUST AGREE to the above and then complete the OOA registration form within 30 days of the letter date.

If we do not hear back from you, you will be de-registered from the Practice. 

By completing the OAA registration form, you agree to the out of area exceptions and restrictions, and you may be asked to register to a GP surgery closer to your home address that would provide you with suitable and unrestrictive care according to your needs.

We will then review your application which may include being asked to come in for a consultation. Until that time your registration will be on a provisional basis. A decision will then be made on an individual patient basis as to whether it is appropriate for you to be registered as an OOA Registration and you will be informed within 14 days if your request has been rejected.


What happens initially after I join the practice as an out of area patient or change my address which is out of area?

Over the first few weeks a doctor will review your notes. If newly registered, it may take longer for us to review them as there maybe a delay in receiving your previous medical records. If the doctor assesses that you (or any member of your family (under 6 years) are not suitable to stay on as an out of area patient at Barnsbury Medical Practice, we will send you a letter to let you know. We will also inform you by text message if we hold a mobile number for you on our records. We will then start proceedings to remove you (and your family, if applicable) from the practice which normally takes 30 days. This should give you enough time to register with another GP practice. We only remove you if we feel that your care will be restricted and it would be best for you to be registered closer to home. 

If you move back within our catchment area, please let us know your new address as soon as possible so we can then register you as a regular patient without any restrictions.

Why do I have to be registered as an out of area patient; why can I not be registered as a regular patient?

All GP surgeries across the UK, agree their catchment area with their local CCG, which indicates how far they are able to provide safely home visits and urgent treatment for their patients, which is also our case. While we endeavour to provide care to as many patients as possible, we cannot safely offer home visits or urgent treatment for patients beyond our catchment area. This is why we need to register patients living outside of our catchment areas, as out-of-area patients.

What if I move back into the catchment area, after being registered as out of area?

Simply complete the change of address form, above. If accepted, we will then re-register you as a regular patient. Then the above rules will no longer apply to you.

What if I do not agree to out of area restrictions?

We do not have to accept patients that live outside of our catchment area, but we are allowed to, if it is safe to do so and, in the patient’s, best interest. The restrictions are in place are set by NHS England and local CCG. 

If you do not agree, you simply need to register to a GP closer to your home address to get the full benefits of a GP service which they can offer to you within their catchment area. 

If you need help in finding a local GP practice, you can access the NHS Choices website or telephone NHS 111 which can provide details of local NHS services to your address.

What if I develop one of the exclusions above whilst registered as an out of area patient?

A doctor reviews OOA patients on a regular basis, and on an ADHOC patient by patient basis. 

If they notice you fall under any of the exclusions, we will regrettably have to remove you from our list and you will need to register with a GP practice closer to home. 

We do not remove out of area patients without a valid reason, if we have to it’s because it is for your safety to ensure you get the full and safe care a GP service can offer you. 

You will be notified and given 30 days to find a different GP surgery, which by the end of the 30 days, you no longer be a patient at Barnsbury Medical Practice.

What if I have children under 6 years old and I am removed, can they stay registered?

No, the children will also be deducted, as children under the age of 6 need to be registered with their parent/guardian. Also, we cannot accept an out of area registration or accept to keep you registered, if the family has a child/children under 6 years old. 

What if I live just on the border of the practice?

You will still be registered as an out of area patient, and the above restrictions will still apply, or you will be asked to register closer to your home address.